Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fine Batik Collections

Received the pictures from the first part of the shoot yesterday.
Loving some of the pictures though i expected my makeup to turn out nicer under the light..

Do support the shop if you're interested in batik wear k!
Actually blogging from the desk while at work.
40 more minutes till i knock off & meet Andrew who just booked out.
Gonna be seeing him 5 days in a row this week but we planned it in sucha way that there'll still be lotsa time for both our families!

I shall go kill time now bye

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hate that strange feeling inside me when I know I shouldn't be feeling/thinking a particular way.

...When I have no control of the little insecurities that creep behind the mind of the supposedly independent girl.

Maybe love does this to all girls. But I know, deep inside, that only courage from within each individual can overcome this.

Don't ever be problematic, Pree. Ain't that what you detest the most?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Would you love me even if I'm old & have wrinkled skin?
Would you hold my hand even after a decade telling me I'm still as pretty and beautiful as ever?
Would you still read my twitter, check my Facebook and blog daily?
Would you still constantly text or call me everyday?
Would you even kiss me on my cheek in years to come and tell me you love me?
Would you still remember what I love to drink or what I hate to eat?
Would you still walk me to my doorstep after years?
Would you ever give a 25 year old surprises just to see her smile?
Would you still remember to make me promise you a sleeping time?
Would you remember to do what you said you will?
Would you still ask me whether I'm cold and want your jacket?
Would you still tell me I matter to you?

Or would you only do these now?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sometimes I really wonder what the process of growing up had done to us.

The thrill of being a delinquent? Experimentation with drugs, sex, pain, fun, or love? Or merely accepting the drilled routines every young adult face?

People's usual perception of growing up = maturation.

I would beg to differ.

Simply because I've seen so many, whom in the process of growing up, ironically reverse the maturation process.

Actions actions actions.
Words words words
Consequences consequences.

Do these mean nothing at all?
4am into the night. Whatta long and tiring day. & guess what I'm doing?

... Reading back on messages as long as essays and smiling to my phone.

I feel like 16 once again.

Monday, April 04, 2011

No turning back

I actually took a deep breath before clicking "delete all".

8 years of archives are now gone.

I remember once telling my ex boyfriend's Dad (hi uncle Timothy i know you're still reading!) the reason why i've never changed a blog.

"Ain't memories beautiful? They're meant to be kept, put aside all the embarassment.'

But now the memories've turned sour.

& very meaningless.

So there's no looking back anymore Pree, it's gonna be a whole new world.