Monday, April 11, 2011

Would you love me even if I'm old & have wrinkled skin?
Would you hold my hand even after a decade telling me I'm still as pretty and beautiful as ever?
Would you still read my twitter, check my Facebook and blog daily?
Would you still constantly text or call me everyday?
Would you even kiss me on my cheek in years to come and tell me you love me?
Would you still remember what I love to drink or what I hate to eat?
Would you still walk me to my doorstep after years?
Would you ever give a 25 year old surprises just to see her smile?
Would you still remember to make me promise you a sleeping time?
Would you remember to do what you said you will?
Would you still ask me whether I'm cold and want your jacket?
Would you still tell me I matter to you?

Or would you only do these now?

1 comment:

April Yeap said...

ya i will. ^^v