Friday, May 20, 2011

People often whine about their lives as if they take no control over it. Seems to me more that it is usually, they themselves that fail to understand self-control.

Indulgence. Greed. Lust.

You choose how much of these you want in your life.
& honestly, people really tend to do things tied to consequences they cannot bear.

You wouldn't have been in ruins if you would just think, honey.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Make up = unnatural?-

I HATE guys who dislike girls who apply make up simply cos they like the "natural look".
What a selfish thought.
Being naturally pretty does not equate to being without make up.

Anyway, i'm not saying that girls should apply make up all the time.
But sometimes, being dressed up smart casually w/o make up makes you look haggard or tired.
& sometimes, going to work w/o make up makes you look unprofessional.
Me without make up. Eh i was eating tau huay at the roadside hor.

My relatively light eye make up today:
It's quite rare that i'm using dark brown eyeliner instead of black.
& i'm liking it so maybe i'll just use it more often now hehehe.
No eye shimmer but only a tinge of blended gold and cream eyeshadow.
So ladies, don't be afraid to look pretty, for yourself.
Don't let men define what beautiful is for you...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

You can disagree with me on this.

But i've realised, that most of the times...

Being childish yourself attracts childish boys.
Being insensitive yourself attracts insensitive men.
Being intolerant yourself attracts intolerant men.
Being superficial yourself attracts superficial men.
Being curious yourself attracts curious men.

Although such parallels do not really happen all the time, it is indeed true that you get what you deserve. (Although i still think i do not deserve both Ron & Andrew hahaha that's really just my good luck.)

You see, i once wanted to toy with Guy A's feelings because i needed a rebound. But i ended up having my feelings toyed with after i decided to be serious instead. I was fickle, so was he.

Also, i intended to not take Guy B seriously. & true enough he didn't take me seriously either. I only cried for 5 minutes when we broke up. But he didn't even cry for me.

I was in the phase of dating Guys C, D, E, F, G all at the same time, not bothering about emotions and how i felt because all i wanted was fun. Guess what? I realised that they had their own Girls A, B, C, D, E too. & i was apparently just another F.

Just when i decided to step out of that phase and finally get serious, change my perspectives of guys and relationships, put the heartbreaks away... I found Andrew.

So.. don't whine about the type of men who're attracted to you because it must've been something about yourself that they liked :)

& really. Birds of the same feather do flock together.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Blind patriotism or blind rebelliousness?

The sudden flush of Facebook statuses regarding the upcoming elections baffle me.

Whats with the especially intensed controversy this year?
Apart from certain constituencies i think everything else have been controversial since elections ago.
As i've said, i think it's foolish to be oblivious to the pervasiveness of the new media.
Why do you even want to get yourself into trouble?

It is most annoying and irritable when one completely display no understanding of Singaporean politics. I urge such ignorant people, bluntly put, to just shut up.

Common blunders:
1. Singapore is NOT a democratic society although our pledge once pledged to build a democratic society. Isn't it obvious?! So stop demanding for democracy because we've stopped living in democracy since what, 4 decades ago?

2. MM Lee is NOT the President of Singapore he is MINISTER MENTOR omg my jaw dropped when i saw this on Facebook. & no its not a joke.

3. The Worker's Party is NOT the only opposition stop thinking that there are only two parties running for the elections leh.

4. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the Worker's Party to be the ruling government. Not because they're incompetent. Just think about it and use some brains :)

Then again i keep wondering why this election seem to be of heat on Facebook.
& why people seem to support either parties with wrong reasons or worse, NO reason.
I guess that's what my Dad meant by blind patriotism or blind rebelliousness.

To you older generation, do not be patriotic blindly.
You won't be credited for not keeping up with the times; politics do change.
To you younger generation, do not be rebellious blindly.
Dissent is not at all funny. & this is not a school rule for you to break and be a pai kia.

& i came to one final conclusion:

It seems like everyone's talking about it because we (my friends on Facebook) have all grown up.
We're now all interested in politics and want to take part in it.
We all think we're well educated in the not-so-political politics of Singapore.
We are decieved by what others say.
Our decisions get wavered easily.
We enjoy jumping on political bandwagons like these.
We somehow believe that we're entrenched in a dire predicament by the PAP and desperately need to get out.

*rolls eyes*
Kids, are you guys EVEN OF AGE TO VOTE?