Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Blind patriotism or blind rebelliousness?

The sudden flush of Facebook statuses regarding the upcoming elections baffle me.

Whats with the especially intensed controversy this year?
Apart from certain constituencies i think everything else have been controversial since elections ago.
As i've said, i think it's foolish to be oblivious to the pervasiveness of the new media.
Why do you even want to get yourself into trouble?

It is most annoying and irritable when one completely display no understanding of Singaporean politics. I urge such ignorant people, bluntly put, to just shut up.

Common blunders:
1. Singapore is NOT a democratic society although our pledge once pledged to build a democratic society. Isn't it obvious?! So stop demanding for democracy because we've stopped living in democracy since what, 4 decades ago?

2. MM Lee is NOT the President of Singapore he is MINISTER MENTOR omg my jaw dropped when i saw this on Facebook. & no its not a joke.

3. The Worker's Party is NOT the only opposition stop thinking that there are only two parties running for the elections leh.

4. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the Worker's Party to be the ruling government. Not because they're incompetent. Just think about it and use some brains :)

Then again i keep wondering why this election seem to be of heat on Facebook.
& why people seem to support either parties with wrong reasons or worse, NO reason.
I guess that's what my Dad meant by blind patriotism or blind rebelliousness.

To you older generation, do not be patriotic blindly.
You won't be credited for not keeping up with the times; politics do change.
To you younger generation, do not be rebellious blindly.
Dissent is not at all funny. & this is not a school rule for you to break and be a pai kia.

& i came to one final conclusion:

It seems like everyone's talking about it because we (my friends on Facebook) have all grown up.
We're now all interested in politics and want to take part in it.
We all think we're well educated in the not-so-political politics of Singapore.
We are decieved by what others say.
Our decisions get wavered easily.
We enjoy jumping on political bandwagons like these.
We somehow believe that we're entrenched in a dire predicament by the PAP and desperately need to get out.

*rolls eyes*
Kids, are you guys EVEN OF AGE TO VOTE?


Psychotic Squirrel said...

Well, firstly this election is unprecedented in Sg due to the level of contest in almost every constituency. This allows almost the entire votable populace to have a say who to vote for, unlike previous elections over 4 decades.

Secondly, this year the calibre of opposition has greatly improved compared to those of yesteryears. They add credibility, most are sufficiently eloquent enough to connect with the voters, and many brought up good suggestions and valid points.

Thirdly, new media provided a neutral platform whereby all parties can air their views without fear of censorship. Unlike in the past, the people's access to information are limited to local newspapers and tv, which to a certain degree were censored or edited to favour the ruling party (given that SPH is controlled by the gov and Mediacorp owe their monopoly status to gov support). The new media allowed the opposition's pov and speeches to be heard in it's original context by the people, which in turns allow voters to make informed decisions.

Fourthly, I agree Sg is not truly democratic over the decades, it is no secret. The problem is that the ruling party claims and project the image that it is. Such ostensible governance is what puts citizens off. I also do agree that at one point during Sg's infancy that such style of governance is neccessary, but moving forward in today's context into a first world country and 3rd generation singaporeans, we need true democracy to advance or risk stagnanting (that in turn will give rise to arrogance, irresponsible management and ultimately corruption for self interests - which, the incumbent gov currently is already showing signs of)

Lastly, I also agree that there are many ignorant singaporeans who jump on the bandwagon blindly just because the election debate is in trend right now. However, this GE did do one thing that all previous GEs failed to do and that is raise the political awareness of people. Prior to the elections, there are many who don't even know who their MPs are, and what roles they play. But this GE allowed what was once indifferent citizens to get involved. From this perspective, whether they be supporting the left or right wing doesn't matter as much because at least they now know more about Sg's political system then they did 2 weeks ago, which only bodes well for our future as a country.

In conclusion, as in all things, there will be a spectrum of views and there will be those on the extreme ends "blindly rebellious" or "blindly patriotic". However, its the process that makes the difference, and I comment young people like yourself for noticing it. The fact that you are bloggin about it shows that the impact is there. And in later years when you are caught in circumstances where housing, taxes, healthcare and other issues involved you, you will be glad this GE 2011 gave you the experience of an introduction into Sg politics.

Cheers. :)

Psychotic Squirrel


"Psychotic Squirrel" sounds pretty familiar and i'm quite sure i've seen your comments somewhere.
Thank you for your long reply.

I am aware about your explanation as to why this election is unprecedented. I should have been more precised by stating that the elections this year's been discussed on Facebook very superficially. & it's the superficiality that is irritable.

Talking about the new media, i know it is a platform whereby all parties can air their views. But without fear of censorship? I would beg to differ. Censorship's probably the most common measure used in Singapore's new media. The Media Development Authority proves my point. Your comparison to the past only shows that new media is an added platform for parties to air their views.
BTW, i was talking about the people and non-politicians airing their views and NOT the parties!
Surely the ministers ain't on my Facebook.

The only reason why Singapore has to project the image of democracy is due to the capitalist ideology adopted from the USA. I don't understand what's the big deal about the government projecting a masked image. Is there anything wrong? If they do admit we're authouritarian, would anything change? Would the people get happier? No. They'll just kick a big fuss of the practice. So this isnt a problem to begin with.

Why do we need true democracy to advance? Is the USA advancing? Or do you see socialist China advancing? Not saying that we should be socialist of course, haha.

I doubt political awareness has been raised among singaporeans. Political awareness includes PROPER knowledge of politics. Guess your friends on facebook do show better understanding as compared to mine, hahaha.