Friday, May 06, 2011

Make up = unnatural?-

I HATE guys who dislike girls who apply make up simply cos they like the "natural look".
What a selfish thought.
Being naturally pretty does not equate to being without make up.

Anyway, i'm not saying that girls should apply make up all the time.
But sometimes, being dressed up smart casually w/o make up makes you look haggard or tired.
& sometimes, going to work w/o make up makes you look unprofessional.
Me without make up. Eh i was eating tau huay at the roadside hor.

My relatively light eye make up today:
It's quite rare that i'm using dark brown eyeliner instead of black.
& i'm liking it so maybe i'll just use it more often now hehehe.
No eye shimmer but only a tinge of blended gold and cream eyeshadow.
So ladies, don't be afraid to look pretty, for yourself.
Don't let men define what beautiful is for you...

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