Thursday, May 05, 2011

You can disagree with me on this.

But i've realised, that most of the times...

Being childish yourself attracts childish boys.
Being insensitive yourself attracts insensitive men.
Being intolerant yourself attracts intolerant men.
Being superficial yourself attracts superficial men.
Being curious yourself attracts curious men.

Although such parallels do not really happen all the time, it is indeed true that you get what you deserve. (Although i still think i do not deserve both Ron & Andrew hahaha that's really just my good luck.)

You see, i once wanted to toy with Guy A's feelings because i needed a rebound. But i ended up having my feelings toyed with after i decided to be serious instead. I was fickle, so was he.

Also, i intended to not take Guy B seriously. & true enough he didn't take me seriously either. I only cried for 5 minutes when we broke up. But he didn't even cry for me.

I was in the phase of dating Guys C, D, E, F, G all at the same time, not bothering about emotions and how i felt because all i wanted was fun. Guess what? I realised that they had their own Girls A, B, C, D, E too. & i was apparently just another F.

Just when i decided to step out of that phase and finally get serious, change my perspectives of guys and relationships, put the heartbreaks away... I found Andrew.

So.. don't whine about the type of men who're attracted to you because it must've been something about yourself that they liked :)

& really. Birds of the same feather do flock together.

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