Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up."

The past few days i've been trying to occupy myself with things, or even people, that can possibly bring happiness back to me.
've been so bloody busy till i haven't had the time to update on what i've been up to, apart from cooping myself up in my room drenching the pillows.

With Abby at Haji laneTime with Andrew during our getaway.
Apart from that he came to pick me from tuition two days back, & we talked about what happened in Zouk (for him) and Zirca (for me) the night before. Hilarious stories and a late afternoon well spent. He then drove me to meet the best friend for some HK cafe talk.

Friday marked my last day in Great Eastern.
Awesome colleagues, priceless friendships.
They surprised me with a Lacoste iphone cover & a sumptuous treat at Olio!

The next day I woke up bright and early to remedy the past week of misery.
& of course, it was Halle and ShuZhen who accompanied me to the Zoo!
In 2 weeks the 3 of us could sing "Single Ladies" together. I'm still wondering whether sadness' actually contagious.
But whatever it is, strong girls are beautiful girls!

Had an amazing afternoon with the two babes there. Felt a little deprived of childhood but hey, we'll do anything to take away the pain. We even indulged in some ice slush sold there as well as some KOI before we reached in attempt to cheer ourselves up.

I rushed home that Saturday, showered, & changed into something more appropriate for the night. Had some starting drinks w Janise my tutor at Clinic! Hoegarden, Corona, Mojito, Vodka Cran.. We settled at Clinic since we wanted somewhere quiet to start the night.

We then joined Abby at Zirca! It was fun clubbing with my tutor and i love how she's exactly like me. Drank a hell lot that night. Really had to thank Jacob for coming down to check on me, and tolerating my drunk bullshit. I'm still guilty about pouring beer all over him. & he still held my bag, my heels, and cabbed me to my bus stop where Andrew was.

Thank the heavens for bestowing all these good friends in my life.
Won't ever know what i'll be without such samatarians.

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