Friday, September 30, 2011

The only female pair in the committee!
Meet the national shooter Jianhuan.
So glad to be able to work with her =)

Can't wait to spend my friday night lying against your chest, with you whispering sweet nothings, stroking my hair, telling me how you'll never wish for more.

I love how you do everything with me in mind.
I love your selflessness.
Love this girl!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photoshoot for the main committee of Dinner & Dance 2012 went smoothly!
It was fun faciliating the shoot with my partner, & i'm pretty confident we'll work well together as the Arts & Marketing directors in the coming academic year.
More than just grateful for a cooperative team! We're certainly the only team in hall consisting of an entire group of close friends.

Promised pictures up soon!
I'm enjoying the fact of how your site's actually of some mocking value to my sister's friends during their lunch breaks.
& especially how she describes their varying reactions to me when i return home from school.

You need to be smarter.
(To a once friend of mine)
Btw darling, nobody was referring to you.
Stop being the biggest critique of yourself, going into a frenzy once you suspect some hatred.
The panic and counter emotive language just....... proves the point.
&.. stop involving yourself in what i decide to write here.
With much love.
I refuse to come to realisation how the academic rigour's accelerating.
More than 2 dozens of books to be analysed this semester but i've not started on any.
With pressing deadlines, stiff competition, & examinations nearing, i indubitably am still reluctant to initiate "mugging".

I believe that learning goes beyond just the cramming of ephemeral knowledge.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't really bother about what you do anymore.
You've reduced yourself into this insignificant little figure in my life.

Goodbye sweetheart.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear boy, the possibility that i'll be as broken?

Your efforts 've come close to nought.
On an early Saturday afternoon.
I see these people almost every day but i'll never get sick of them!
You end up sounding like a fool if you declare how much you love your boyfriend, then how he has hurt or angered or disappointed you, then how you should let go of everything, then how you love him again, all in the span of 3 days.

Oh and this goes on.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look at what i've found!
Had your own concert at expo, released your album, established fan clubs...
Glad you're doing well!

Stirred myself into a whirlpool of mixed emotions & i can barely breathe. The persistence of excruciating pain, incessant worrying, and heartfelt unspoken desires... unimaginably tormenting.
I find myself circling, chasing tails of uncertainty, trapped in the depths of deceit and hypocrisy. A mesh of false intentions, broken promises, and harsh reality's definitely too much for one like me to handle.

Sometimes i wished the human heart could be a quiescent organ, void of emotions. Only then will we be freed from anguish and despondency.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank you for being patient with me even when i harped on my past relationship which ended months ago.

Thank you for spending the time to cajole me to happiness, or cradle me to warmth.

Thank you for your pressence in a wreck like me.

I'm truly thankful for you.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The ClasSIXs

Dinner & Dance at Mandarin Orchard Hotel was awesome!

With Jeff the favourite boy =)

Boshen!!!!! He donated all his vegetables to me throughout the dinner hahahaha/

Best Buddy ever!
Thanks for picking me up from tuition today =)


Thanks Adriel for the white wine!

Derek! Ultimate drinking buddy in hall

Best neighbour award. Lorong Ah Soo ftw!


Jevon Yanggggggggg =) Arts and Marketing Director for DnD and im his successor hehe.

Late night hangout buddies! Ultimate rich kids.

Had a great time after that with B at Marina Barrage before we went to HK Cafe for supper =)

A Saturday well spent indeed!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

As much as i like how my course of study revolve around individualistic efforts, all these suddenly seem... a tad more difficult than i thought they would be.

Haven't been studying much lately but i'm still coping fine, & i'll wanna continue getting those As even after the tremendous amount of hall responsibilities set in.

Glad i'm in a locally recognised university where i know my efforts would be more than just acknowledged. Made it here by sheer luck but i will never want to compromise on the opportunities lying ahead of me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's 2am & i sit here with mixed feelings.

I like to make myself believe how i'm really truly happy without you.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tonight had it's good & bad news, happy & sad moments.
But whatever it is, i know i've gotta stay strong.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Yesterday, it came to my realization that i still am scarred from the pain you've inflicted upon me.
I told a friend how it hurt, and how people always believe that i'll recover soon enough.
She comforted me, told me not to cry, and said "don't look back anymore".

I then finally plucked up enough courage to delete your pictures, one by one.
But never could i bear to thrash the one that meant so much to me.

Only to me.

The supposed university pressure's accelerating.
Work is coming in at sucha fast pace that i hardly have time to breathe.
Hall commitments will soon be settled and in no time, i'll be burdened with a tremendous amount of responsibilities..

Vexed with an essay a few hours ago i questioned my worth in a local university.
Tears welled up due to the overwhelming discomfort i was facing; uncertain in my own forte.

But i braced myself, took a deep breath, and reminded how this isn't considered a feat.
Not especially after i've went through your heartbreak.