Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Then i visited another personal site i used to frequent, and found this:

" I just wanted to say, that I have been reading your blog lately & I cannot help but secretly feel a sort of delirium creep over me when you mock at him. At the same time too, I feel so relieved that someone finally sees him in the same light as I do- nothing but a Jerk with a capital J at that! The rest of the world only knows him by his saintly facade but I think we both know what he's really made of. Cheers, Good that we've both found solace in better men :) "

I don't know who you're referring to, but i figured it would most probably be for me.
I've always thought that my angst were merely vindictive, and only plucked up enough courage to be relatively subtle with my frustration.

Now, i somehow doubt what he once said about you.
But it doesn't matter anymore...

Cos babe like you said, i'm glad we've both found solace in better men : )

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