Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being alone is in no sense similar to being lonely.
For many, meals become savorless or grody once alone. Time pass exceptionally slowly. The hallway feels unusually long...
Quite the contrary. I enjoy occasional moments of solitude.
Strangely, i feel more confident. More undaunted.
It is odd how people parallel Autophobia to insubstantial esteem; it works the other way round for me. I remember walking down the streets of Orchard with my 5-inched heels after a terrible break up. Somehow or rather i was drawn nearer to nature, further from artifice... and this liberation can not be achieved in any other way, but from relishing momentary reclusion.

Nobody wants to be alienated, but to alienate yourself & feel good about it.. is a whole different thing altogether.

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