Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God damn it! The state of gasping for time, or holding on to whatever remains' draining all the zest in me. Every Monday i enter the cycle:

lessons -> tuition -> hall event -> swim -> supper w friends -> lessons -> tuition -> .... & it goes on..

Barely leaving any time for myself, i rush home on the weekends just for a meal with my parents.. or two if i'm lucky.

But what warms the heart most is always him, him waiting for me after tuition on Fridays just to send me home. Him carrying me to my bed after my many failed attempts of prying eyelids open just for a bit more time spent. Him covering the sheets for me in the morning. Him sending me back to school. Him and all his cute conduct filled with surprises.

What will i ever do without him? :*)

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