Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking for my typical end-of-year post?

2011's been bittersweet. Riding on emotional roller-coasters, hoping the best for academic acceptance, & entering a whole new phase in my life.

The first 3 months of 2011 felt liberating. Often enough you'd find me out of town, walking the cold windy coasts of Korea juxtaposed with the poor muddy ones in Laos. Satisfying material wants in commercialized Bangkok and cultural curiosity in Chiangmai.
Opening my eyes, liberating my Self.

From then onwards till July I was blinded. Infatuated with someone whom I thought could finally give me happiness again. Little did I know, it was nothing more than a saintly facade. He left me shortly after i received an acceptance letter into a local university. Unveiling the truth I had to face reality someday: he knew there'd be better men. & in thinking that, I know there definitely will be.

Anticipating college life as a 4-year bore was a mistake. Orientation camp came as a surprise, and within a short week I've made the best kind of friends school could ever provide me with. The exciting school life took away my pain, the heart aches, and all the tears I cried to sleep.

Soon I met this amazing guy. Intelligent, witty, but never boring. A determined sportsmen filled with motivation. Keeps me safe and warm, loved and assured. More realistic than the previous, didn't allow me to indulge in my fantasies. I see more of a future in him than anyone else.
And I'm glad that at this time of the year, we've integrated into each other's families- just very comfortably.

We went for a short trip. That was just the start of my holidays. It continued with us meeting everyday (be it planned or impromptu) but never getting sick of each other. Not yet at least, and never I hope! Met up with many good friends this holiday. Hani, Hazel, Jason, Nevin, Shuzhen, Weemin.

Tonight's gonna be as comfortable. Bidding farewell to 2011 with Ben, Ezra and Jackson. I remember the same time last year when Ezra, Jackson and I sat down at Starbucks, talked about everything in our lives before we went to drink. This year it will be the same, except for the guy I love joining us, as well as even better plans; things can only get better, hallelujah!

In welcoming 2012, I only wish for a few things:

1. For the always happy family to remain happy, and my sister to keep safe halfway across the world. I'll see you soon, lovely.

2. For Ben to achieve everything he wants: military scholarship, imperial university, investments etc.

3. For my best friend April to remain happy & never have to cry herself to sleep on my bed ever again. & that the next time I see her cry, would be tears of happiness, because such a wonderful girl like her deserves only the best.

Happy New Year everyone!

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