Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With the arrival of the dragon year

This annual affair has never been only ordinary.

Year after year, we gather to take pictures, collect our red packets, eat abalones, anticipate the usual lion dance.. and of course, gamble!
2012's Chinese New Year saw less visitors, less red packets, less relatives who flew back from abroad. But what's heartwarming is how the close-knitted ties between us never seem to be able to cease or even crease.

We used to meet weekly. Now less frequently, but still once a month at least.We organise outings occasionally and even have a facebook page (for the benefit of not only better communication but also to mass communicate with those in the various parts of USA, Australia, and Thailand).

In the past we played tag and mushroom and vampire and crocodile and all the games that now remain as only memories. We chose to live in a tent on the field behind the big bungalow, climbed the high walls of the house instead of entering from the front gate. Cooked eggs from the fire we started and played sparkles whenever possible.

Now as we age (gracefully i believe) we sit around in a room, but never running out of topics to laugh about. Less energised physically we've halted the fun games we used to play.

But the few times we went for a walk around the estate, in the park, or along the park connector, the few times we went to the roof to gaze at stars or at the eclipse, the few times we sat by the pool to have our meal together.. is also as fun!

No generation gap is too wide for us.

We hug our grandmother each time we see her. Joke with our aunties and uncles as though they are our friends. Play with the kids (the new addition to the cousins) like we're their age.

We're all blessed with a good grandmother, who've taught our parents well enough to keep this family inseparable.

For many, Chinese New Year is all about the holiday, the goodies, the red packets, gambling, an excuse to buy new clothes..

But for me, it's nothing but a reminder that blood is indeed thicker than water.

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