Monday, February 06, 2012

PONDnography with a splash of love
It's been awhile since i had celebrated my birthday (properly).
I've always preferred a simple affair of just a meal out with the ones i love. No need for the purchase of gifts, even.

But this 21st was something quite special.
It started off rather quiet, and suspicious..
Ben said he was "home" but i heard someone saying "birthday" while i was talking to him over the phone.
Then he appeared at my hall, and handed me a lovely handmade card.
The night followed with a surprise birthday cake made of delightful sugared cupcakes; figured to be rather costly since it was from Dom's baker. I also recieved a huge balloon that's still sitting beside me now, as well as a compilation of written well-wishes from all my close friends.


Ben's (a separate one)
And many many more which are all on facebook.
Subsequently i was thrown into the lotus pond (a tradition in hall 6) together with Ben (poor him!).
The next day (2 Feb itself), Ben had planned to bring me to Marina Bay sands for a meal.
Otw there he said "your second surprise's round the corner".
& seconds later my best friend April stood in front of me.
He asked her along for dinner and that was truly the best birthday present!

However smelly/dirty i was, just wanna thank everyone for making this so special.
My beloved NSG in hall, my swim friends, my seniors, other hall friends, my best friend, and of course, Benjamin... thank you all for loving me!

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