Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today I was a terrible terrible girlfriend.

I couldn't get the concepts into my head, vented all the frustration on Ben, and demanded that everything he did was wrong.

I was an unreasonable, unreasonable, girlfriend.

"Please baby don't be angry with me? I'm really sorry baby.." Was all you said to comfort me.

Then after my paper I was in a terrible, terrible mood.

I did badly (for the first time my confidence failed me) -- bad enough to pull me down by a class honors.

But you were there. You brought me to a corner, hugged me tightly, and said you'll do everything you can to give me the life I want. You promised to try your best. You persuaded me to free my time from tuition and that you will top up the money I don't earn.

That all you want is for me to not cry..

I love you, really do!

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