Thursday, May 24, 2012

 BKK: thai food, cheap alcohol, massage, shopping... WHO CAN RESIST.

At my fav food place opposite Chatukchat!
Idk what is it called hahaha.

 Having some ice cold coke popsicles under the Chatukchat heat~
Mani + pedi ^^ 
 One for me and one for Ben.
 Beer at Patpong!
Each time i come to central BKK i MUST come to patpong.
Where else do you see girls in bikini dancing on men's lap so openly.... LOL
 Love of my life!
 Cheap swensens........ yum!
 Braving the rain in the tuktuk!!!!
Of all times we boycott the tuk tuk and choose to believe it this once.... it has to rain.
But hey we cannot deny the fun we had!
 3 crabs for supper yummy!
 Drinking smirnoff in broad daylight while we shop in the alcoholics.
 Baby and his hatest-turned-favourite coconut juice ^^
 Our brekkie almost every morning ^^

 Thai airways has the bestttt plane food.

Had so much fun!!!!!

OK Genting post... SOON.

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