Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today we randomly walked into a shop selling watches, like we always do.

I never wore watches.
Because I lose them, scratch them, dirty them & end up not liking my scratched dirty watches.
Because I am picky. I have only found 5 watches I really liked but can never afford.

Today we randomly walked into a shop selling watches.
Ben pointed out immediately: "This looks beautiful and classy on you!"

Then, he bought it for me without any hesitation.

I fell in love with the watch, but fell in love with him even more :*)

Thank you, thank you for pampering me by showering me with gifts while you save for investments, by always holding all my bags of purchases, by asking me not to bring my wallet out, by cradling me with every single moment you can. I love you!

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Kendall said...

That's a beautiful watch!