Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holland, Amsterdam

It has been awhile since i travelled by SQ, and it didn't disappoint me one bit! Excellent service, good food, great in-flight purchases and entertainment. Too bad i don't have my Krisflyer card anymore to clock flying miles.

Landing at Amsterdam wasn't new to me. It was my second visit albeit the first being quite some time ago. What to expect? Coffeeshop selling weed, windmills, dutch cheese, raw herring etc. 

 I'd always thought Belgium sold the best waffles. But NOOOO Amsterdam just had to produce waffles of equal or even better quality. I tried some mini pancakes in choc sauce and raspberries too!
 They don't come cheap but like i always say... When you travel, don't save and eat everything!
Holland was more than just scenic; windmills from a faraway distance together with cotton candy clouds and clear streams made everything so resplendent! The pictures we snapped took on a dreamlike quality and the cousins were just saying how they look like windows desktop wallpapers.
 Bought some dutch cheese and stroop caramelised waffles! yummy yummy and more yummy.
 Idk what's with blogger but the pictures look a lot clearer and better on facebook.
 We then left the countryside to the coastal area for some fish and chips!
 Wanna try some raw herring? I'd always seen documentaries featuring Europeans eating raw herring as if we asians gobble down our sashimi. I never thought it could taste so good! Ern and i, being skeptical asians, shared one at first. But we couldn't resist and almost bought another! Just had to leave some space for an afternoon beer so we decided not to in the end. It was an awesome experience being taught by the locals on how we should eat the herring!
Amsterdam still felt the same to me, but it definitely changed my perspective on the Dutch people this time round.

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