Monday, July 02, 2012

Brussels, Belgium

I remember once staying in Belgium for a good 6 weeks. Together come the vague memories of huge castles with scary dungeons and wild swans on the marshes and lakes. I remember vividly, however, my sister and i eating off a huge chocolate-made Santa figure, and by the 6th week we were only at the neck of it -- we never had sweet tooths.

But this time, Belgium seemed all different.

 Nope not just strawberries and cheap breezer. We had good chinese food!
I was disapproving of having chinese food in a western country (always believed that we should eat what the locals eat), but Alvin convinced me that the duck there is really DAMN nice.
And it was!
 Yes, castles still...
But an entirely different experience.
They don't feel so..... intimidating anymore.
 Always thought that the Belgium streets resembled those of the Eastern European's lololol.

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