Thursday, July 05, 2012

Paris, France

When people think of France, people think of Paris. When people think of Paris, people think of Eiffel Tower.
But anyway, it was freezing in France! Do not be deceived by what we were wearing cos we were all underdressed for the weather haha.
"Summer what should be ok" But it was about 12 degrees with strong winds?!
Had to borrow Clifford's big jacket before i froze haha.

 We took a cab down to Eiffel tower at night to see it litted up in it's full glamour.
 So pretty! Gulped beer and ate my hot dog bread while we sat by the Sine River. Awesome time!

At daybreak we continued drinking. Heyyyy it's Europe!
Bought a bottle of champagne and Jessie got really drunk hahaha!

Paris will always be Paris. Full of fun, nightlife, alcohol, and more fun.

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