Saturday, August 04, 2012

 Somewhere closer to home

Yesterday night, Mr XYZ commented (with an annoyingly rude tone) that i am a pampered girl because "wah go Europe twice ah". To be frank, i was really insulted. Just because i've travelled the world, been to places you can not go, been to the places you want to go... i become a brat?

Dear Mr XYZ, if you want to go to France Italy USA Switzerland Belgium Holland Australia etc etc, (and as a 25 year old), please buck up, work for the money, and stop being sore.

Yes i've travelled to many places, but that only made me see more, and realise more. I've stopped taking pocket money from my parents and YOU, Mr XYZ, need to be thoroughly thoroughly ashamed.

Sour grapes.

It might sound odd, but i enjoy trekking up the muddy hills of Kota Kinabalu, soaking in the atmosphere with shisha and some beer by the streets of KL, having my feet all black from fuel of Bangkok's dirty roads...

alot alot alot more than being elevated by an expensively-engineered cable car to the peak of the Swiss Alps, sitting by the Venetian river eating pasta, or drinking beer by the bar alongside Eiffel Tower.

& you call me pampered, Mr XYZ.


Wee Yang said...

I enjoyed my Chiangmai trip much more then my USA and Istanbul trips as well. Haha cheers to that!


Hi wee yang! Didn't know you read my blog, haha!