Monday, September 10, 2012

Recently, i realised that i'm very much less of a beer-drinker now.
It took me awhile to come to terms with that -- both physically and mentally -- how my body refuses to take in any more than that 0.5l of Dark Munich, or how a girl brought up drinking beer has her face warm and slightly flushed after consuming less than half of what she usually does.

Also recently, i drank a bottle of Moscato Rose with my boyfriend within half an hour. Yes it's rather low in alcohol content but i was never a fan.....
Odd how tastes change.

Then most recently i went to a club with my friend, and drank as much as i could; it was difficult to get even semi-high that day. Walked out of the club all bored and not the least tired... and even read upon reaching home.

What's up with this 21 year old body?
Half-reluctant to enter into adulthood?

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