Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exactly 10 days to the examinations & i'm feeling all jittery cos my first two papers fall on the same day, and they are the two modules i know least about.
I've gotten 2 modules (drama & creative writing) done since they're non-examinable modules. Thank God. I hope to score at least a A- for both....?

Madness in Lit essay was returned yesterday and honestly it was rather disappointing, because us all 3 lit students expected a better grade for an elective. This teacher is just crap cos she obviously doesn't know what a lit essay should be like.... She even asked us how many pages we should write during the exam. Really?

Hai whatever it is, things for literary theory mod's looking up cos i'm starting to understand more, and i just need to START reading my business law notes. ASAP.


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