Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Had a great but very busy weekend. My sister's bachelorette party on Saturday night was a blast! The bridesmaids booked a room at Royal plaza on Scotts, ordered food from sushi tei & timbre, watched a midnight movie (what could be more apt to watch than The Bachelorette?), made my sister parade around orchard wearing the "Bride 2 B" sash, played games etc etc. It was good fun.

The next day I hosted a Christmas Party for my closest friends in university, and I feel that's what Christmas should always be like. Small group, cosy, tons of fun. Nuff' said.

Finally had 25th to Ben & just myself, and we spent it watching movies and just having good food to avoid the festive crowd. Love days like these.

The best news ever? His overseas leave has JUST been approved so we're going to KL tomorrow! Super last min hehe.

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