Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spent Valentine's Day very heartily with my valentine of 2 years.

I was taken aback by the surprise bouquet (which in the picture is very badly arranged after a long journey with me out of NTU) waiting for me outside my classroom, for he got a good friend to deliver it to me while he's at work.

The time taken for me to reach town was however enough for Ben to be waiting at the restaurant for me, and upon my arrival he presented me a hundred dollar Charles & Keith (yay!!!) voucher and a supplement he think will do me good.

Can't afford the extravagant watches or branded headphones he likes, but I hope the cologne and body product will be of some practical use for him.

Apart from Ben, Gary was very sweet to have packed 3 gifts for the girls while he was in Dubai. He passed us a bag of beauty products, fragrances and chocolates each during our CNY meet up! ^^

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