Friday, March 22, 2013

A rather eventful school week!

Had some beer with my family & Ben last night, and met Jonas for dinner today after school. Spent so much money the last couple of days but it's all so worth it ^^

On another happy note, I scored an A for government & politics paper! The girls were so mean to scare me regarding the result (they collected it for me) hahaha but I still love you guys.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When I'm sick and unwell he is there to make sure that I'm well taken care of in my most preferred manner.

I love you!

Time's passing by so quickly that I can't even catch up. A week feels like a day, and my life has become so routine I feel mechanized.

Mondays: do work
Tuesdays-Thursdays: long school days then mark scripts at night
Fridays: gym with Ezra in the morning, tuition in the afternoon, meet Ben after his work
Saturdays: tuition from morning till night then go granny's
Sundays: tuition in the afternoon then meet Ben for dinner

And it's really like this.
Each week there will be some alterations made to my schedule, with changes in tuition lessons, with Ben's nights out, or with meet ups with friends.

But this is fundamentally the skeleton of my life each week.
Dehumanized to a certain extent but I do feel some sort of strange sense of achievement from all the efficiency and productivity. For life, no way. But for this semester it'll work.

I can't wait for may, after my exams, yet a little saddened that I won't have the hand that I hold every Friday night to sleep.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Dear girl,

You need a private blog,
Cos nobody gives a shit.

My P5 compo class welcomes you.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It was my first hospital stay and thankfully Gleneagles had good service to compensate for the bad luck.
Yes I'm very superstitious.

Nothing's too wrong, but my i can't really see with my eyes for now.
It's causing great inconvenience, and lots of delays in school work.

Only this time I thank God for iPhone's auto-correct!