Sunday, June 23, 2013

Perhaps being out of touch with writing ironically drew me back to it. I guess it is almost impossible for this little flame in me to be entirely extinguished.

Spending a whole lot of time alone recently, & I love it! Not that I enjoy having my boyfriend away but, it's so therapeutic. For those who believe that spending time alone is equivalent to being lonely, then all I've got to say is that you really lack a sense of security, or either that you need to be a tad bit more confident with yourself.

I was on the verge of flying somewhere, just so I can have more time alone, and get to know myself better. But (yay or nay) my Sis quit her job! Ever since she'd been married we spend so much less time together, which makes me treasure such opportunities a lot more. Yes we impulsively booked flights and accommodation up to Penang (since I can't take leave on Saturdays and only short trips are possible) without thinking that the haze is now at KL and about to reach Penang hahahaha what bimbos!

That aside, I haven't had much time to talk to Ben since the military is really cruel with the little issue called love. He's been working more than 12 hours a day and only gets a few hours of sleep. I believe it'll get better with time, and such limitations only strengthen the relationship more :) I'm glad to say, while some couples are brought down by distance, we are seemingly stronger each day. I have no idea why, and I definitely did not expect this, but will sincerely treasure this person who loves me at my ugliest and knows me at my worst!