Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Didn't feel too long since Ben left as i've been keeping myself busy. But time has been passing real fast, and I'm beyond glad that I'll be flying to Perth for a visit in just 2 weeks!

Another reason why I've said that time's passing quickly is because Ben's at his gingin phase now and is about to go on his 1st solo! I'm so happy for him, and I'm proud that he's been flying very well so far. When you are done with the next 4 flights over the next 2 days and will read this page (I know you will :D), just wanna know that you've been such a cool boyfriend and I'll never ask for more ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


So Sis and I booked last minute flights and accommodation & it was SISTA-TIME well spent! I think in my 22 years of (rather well-travelled) life, my sister is the only female I can travel with fuss-free, worry-free, and super comfortably with. So far, 90% of my trips have been with guys and I classify my sister + April + cousins + Mum as the other 10%. Hahaha.

I'm the least fussy, yet picky with my travel buddies because there are just some things about (most) girls I cannot tolerate:
1. Time spent to get ready
2. Fussy with food
3. Zero adventure spirit
4. Mass tourist (traveling isn't all about shopping and going to tourist attractions)
5. Easily tired
6. Dependent

Ps: Still anticipating BKK with Gail and Grace in 2 weeks, constantly reminding myself to be more accommodating and to consider the preferences of the babes too

Let the pictures do the talking:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I cannot imagine what the future will bring for you and me. I'm beyond excited!

If there's at least one little dream in each soul then mine is to leave moneymaking behind and opt for a life we've always talked about. Just us, home-cooked dinners, self-baked cakes, weekend movies on a couch, & Friday night beers together after you return home from work.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Been slogging July away teaching and marking scripts and the satisfaction comes in the very tangible form of numerical figures. Really considering this route since the 3k can be earned simply with 20 hours of weekly teaching, and the post-graduate life definitely allows more to be arranged. I like this path, but don't enjoy it very much.

The problem with enjoyment is that it only comes without anticipating the harvest, and I haven't truly experienced that in the aspect of work.

Yet, I have a good news to bring!!!!! After 22 years in my life, scraping through the O levels to the A levels to (being a lucky ass in) University, I've finally realized what I really want in life, in the aspect of career. Considered many options despite the general yet ironically limiting degree, but this is definitely one of the more concrete and feasible plans.

More than glad that my parents are supportive (as always) :') Talking about family, below are some recent pictures I really like! Don't know how many times I've said this, but blood is thicker than water and i'm glad this blood of mine never thins or dilutes with time.

Just remembered you.

I think "stalking" is absolutely the most repulsive word one can use especially on a girl who is delusional, on a man who tells me the sad truth about a delusional girl, or on either one of you.

I think you need to know more than what you think you know.

Quite a pity that this space has been reduced to an avenue of spewing honest words of contamination. But again, social media has proved it's worth; and the ease of getting one insecure little girl to get more worried can just happen through one click on twitter.

Typed and backspaced and edited and euphemised many things I wanted to say, but I guess a woman with class won't go all out just to make someone feel bad about herself, no matter how brutally true things may be. All I have to say is, let bygones be bygones and if i've hurt you in any personal way, I'm sorry and i hope you can recover soon.

Gonna forget about you again, and hopefully there wouldn't be any more remembrance through a jolting reminder of your own "boyfriend's" mouth.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Silly girl.

He left someone for you. You left him for someone. He's gonna leave you again soon, its just a vicious cycle.

Don't you think it's pathetic that he's only still with you because he pities you? He finds it hard to leave someone who constantly pukes her food out or starve herself, finds it hard to leave someone who wallows in self pity, finds it hard to leave someone who constantly gives him sexual satisfaction despite having loved another.

Just ask yourself what you really are. You're merely an epitome of a woman objectified; used and used again.

I have no sympathy for you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ploughing through the busiest time of 2013 earning my money and neglecting all forms of social life. I NEED A LIFE.

So yes right after July I'm dedicating 2 weeks to let my hair down out of town, of which I'll be traveling to Bangkok (what's new?) with my closest university confidantes and Perth (been awhile) to visit my boyfriend when he books out on the weekends.

People often say those 3 words too much.. Nope not the 3 words you're thinking of but..

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!