Sunday, July 21, 2013

Been slogging July away teaching and marking scripts and the satisfaction comes in the very tangible form of numerical figures. Really considering this route since the 3k can be earned simply with 20 hours of weekly teaching, and the post-graduate life definitely allows more to be arranged. I like this path, but don't enjoy it very much.

The problem with enjoyment is that it only comes without anticipating the harvest, and I haven't truly experienced that in the aspect of work.

Yet, I have a good news to bring!!!!! After 22 years in my life, scraping through the O levels to the A levels to (being a lucky ass in) University, I've finally realized what I really want in life, in the aspect of career. Considered many options despite the general yet ironically limiting degree, but this is definitely one of the more concrete and feasible plans.

More than glad that my parents are supportive (as always) :') Talking about family, below are some recent pictures I really like! Don't know how many times I've said this, but blood is thicker than water and i'm glad this blood of mine never thins or dilutes with time.

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