Thursday, July 25, 2013


So Sis and I booked last minute flights and accommodation & it was SISTA-TIME well spent! I think in my 22 years of (rather well-travelled) life, my sister is the only female I can travel with fuss-free, worry-free, and super comfortably with. So far, 90% of my trips have been with guys and I classify my sister + April + cousins + Mum as the other 10%. Hahaha.

I'm the least fussy, yet picky with my travel buddies because there are just some things about (most) girls I cannot tolerate:
1. Time spent to get ready
2. Fussy with food
3. Zero adventure spirit
4. Mass tourist (traveling isn't all about shopping and going to tourist attractions)
5. Easily tired
6. Dependent

Ps: Still anticipating BKK with Gail and Grace in 2 weeks, constantly reminding myself to be more accommodating and to consider the preferences of the babes too

Let the pictures do the talking:

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