Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To differentiate friends from strangers with alcohol

Had a wondering pre-semester night with my closest friends from NTU English! 

Met up for an affordable but wonderfully tasty dinner at Le Chasseur, and despite the feast we ordered, the bill was of a humble sum.

Thereafter we left for Iguana (our second time there together) and had 5 good jugs of steam beer, home brew lager, and their signature margaritas! 

I've always loved Iguana for a chill night out with people close enough to chat continuously. One of my fav ambience for a pub!

Later into the night the few of us met my beer buddy Justin for our next round of alcohol, and it didn't help that pump room's 1-1 promotion were so well-mixed when we were there. 

Had the night of my life partying with my friends, and it's these sort of fun that I really enjoy at this stage of my life. 

No more clubbing, get dead drunk, puke, dance and get chatted up by strangers. No more seeing my friends get hooked up and leave the club without me. No more reliant friends who make me drink but end up more drunk and expect me to carry them home.

Instead, this decent fun, this fun of looking out for each other despite each other being slightly intoxicated, this fun of just letting our hairs down and not think of work and school, is what I call true enjoyment.

Cheers to a good semester ahead! 

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