Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What is the hectic essay writing period without some beer? 

So, I took my Monday night off work and decided to let my hair down with some great-tasting draft beer. Doesn't help that the festivity of Oktoberfest evokes a more celebratory mood in me! 

Apart from being more busy with essays, I am slowly less busy with work too, because the non-tertiary academic year is soon coming to an end and my students are graduating one after another.

It's certainly a great sense of relief, and a big burden off my shoulders, but I'll definitely miss the intense lessons and moments of joy and laughter. As much as I do complain about how tiring or draining it is, I do enjoy teaching individuals, simply cos I can track their progress and it gives me a greater sense of responsibility (and maybe satisfaction too). 

I guess that answers whether I'm intending to join MOE or not.

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