Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Hi everyone. I've been a little quiet on this space, but I thought it'll be good to start writing again since the lunar new year just commenced. I hope everyone had a great 2013, and I wish all of you good health in the coming year. 
2013 was a tough but good year. I'm expecting 2014 to be the same. I just can't wait to advance to 2015 where many good and exciting things are bound to happen. 2013 passed quickly, and I wish for this year to be similar. 

Regarding my current life: 


Also, I've come to realise how I still prefer being an individual. Of course everyone is an individual. But what I meant by truly being one is where I am not bound by obligation while making decisions. 2013 was the year I felt happy from time to time. It was fun, it was a popular thing to do, it exposed me a lot. But on hindsight I still rather forge personal bonds as they are usually stronger, more intimate, and more easily appreciated. 
In 2013 it was appalling how I became closer to people I thought I'll never be close to, and vice versa. 

On a sidenote, being an individual in my relationship with Ben also taught me a lot. Because he is away most of the time, I needed to learn independence. Independence isn't just being able to survive without my boyfriend. In fact, if you can go on with life perfectly well without, what is your relationship worth? I've been living life well, but not better than when Ben was around. I cherish this relationship a lot more than before, and we are certainly taking it to greater heights. Never thought I'd ever settle down on romance so early in my life, but I'm glad we've gained assurance from both's parents, and our plans are forward -looking and contributing to the maturity of our relationship and also each other. 

I did well last semester. I don't think I will do that well ever again. But I'm glad I pushed myself, because I saw what my potential can give me. I'm content, and will live content, for I know what my best is and what I'm capable of. This semester started slow, but is advancing quickly. Just what I'd hoped for! 

2013 was a year that taught me many things. I hope this year will be one where I gather the courage to execute what I've learnt. 2013 was also a year in which I found many true friends. Friends whom share the same views as I do despite being 3 years older or 1 year younger. 

2013 was good, but I know 2014 will be even better, even more fulfilling, and even more positive. Cheers to the new year!